Amanda Calhoun

Amanda Calhoun completed Season Three of RTS in November 2010, as the first RTS female to cross the finish line of the Route 66 Half Marathon that year. Amanda began Season Four but got accepted into the United States Marine Corps on March 21, 2011. Amanda is now a Corporal in the USMC and is stationed at Camp Pendleton, California.

Amanda was deployed with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit on the USS BOXER, on August 23rd 2013, which is an expeditionary fighting force that was on standby in many parts of the world to quickly react if necessary. Along the way she stopped in many different locals including the Philippine Islands, Singapore, Djibouti, Kuwait, Bahrain Dubai, Jordan, Israel, UAE, and Hawaii.

Amanda returned to America on April 24th, 2014 and was awarded a certificate of commendation for the superior performance of her duties during deployment. In regards to her service Amanda says, “I love being a Marine and I am planning on re-enlisting for another four years.”