The Penny War Escalates Into a Check War

I walked into RTS, knowing there was a check from 4:00 in the 6:00 jar.. But seriously.. When were checks allowed? They were only accepted because Bob Williams was the one that did it. When did this become the check war?? Hmmm. It didn’t. Interesting.


Anyways, Tuesday was a 3-miler, and for some reason my mind or my body forgot how to run. I was definitely not in it to win it. It was a hard run for me. Probably because I only had like 8 ounces of water beforehand?? Probably so.


On another note, I cannot wait for 8 miles on Saturday! Shelli, Kim, Teonna, and I plan on running together! I am excited! This season it has been rare that Shelli and I have ran with other people. So I’m super excited to run with our friends! It will be a good run. I already know. – Sevyn

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