Six O’Clock Blues

This Tuesday we ran 4 miles. Let me remind you.. I am in 6:00, and it’s been getting darker. So, after we stretched, we started running from right where we were, through the parking lot, and onto the pathfinder. Then once we hit the marked spot (1 mile), we turned around, ran back, and ran onto the side walk down by the rode next to the fields, all the way passed the build board, near the go cart place. Then we turned around and ran all the way back to Wesleyan to stretch. What I just said may have not made any sense whatsoever, haha. But, I was just trying to explain what 6:00 has to do in order to get in those miles. But it’s cool because we are beast mode 6:00, and don’t forget it! Oh, and by the way, that was the last 4 mile run of the season. I think I could cry, if I think about it too long. – Sevyn