Season Eleven is in the Books

So, pals, we made it through season 11 of Run the Streets. For me, the half marathon was tough. I had a runners wall for nearly 7 miles. And that’s quite all long time to have a wall.. But I finished, and I’m glad I did! But the best thing about Saturday is that every single RTS kid and mentor ran across the finish line in Jenks. It was incredible! I am so proud of everyone! There has been so much growth throughout the season. Seeing how far some of the kids have come amazes me. I am inspired every day by these people because they are the strongest ones I know. Running is a hard thing, so when you complete a season of RTS, it IS a big deal! ¬†And you should be proud that you finished because it isn’t for the weak, that’s for sure!

So, with everything coming to an end, I realized that nothing is actually ending. I still have two legs and two feet. Running is it? Hmmm, yes, running it is, lol! I will still run because the purpose is bigger than myself.

ATTENTION ALL RTS’ers: I recognize that running is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that changes lives. And not just your own, but all who can see you and your achievements. Therefore it is our responsibility and obligation to run. We are salt and light to the world, simply by our presence on the pathfinder or local 5k. I think it is important for you to understand how powerful and influential you are just by running. Whatever you do, don’t forget anything that running has ever taught you, because it will always connect directly back to your life. Also, remember that you have helped create a positive impact, and I don’t doubt that you will continue to do so! And one last thing, you have all grown up! Make sure you recognize that you have changed and that you are more refined and formed than when you first started. Be proud of everything you have accomplished! It has been an honor getting to know some of the greatest people of Bartlesville.

Until next time,


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