“Oh, You’re In That Program”

I’m just going to start off by saying that Run the Streets is making an impact in Bartlesville. I have realized over the last few weeks that people around town have come up to me, saying, “Oh, you’re in that program Run the Streets.” (Or something of that nature..) And it’s so cool!! People recognize who we are because we are involved in such an influential and impactful program. I love it!! I’m proud to be associated with RTS. It has given me a platform and a way to willingly grow myself up. It’s so awesome!


So, Saturday.. We ran 8 stinkin’ miles! 8 of those boogers, lol. It wasn’t too terrible. Shelli and I ran with Kim and Teonna, as planned. It was fun because we took selfies every 2 miles. And I was very much entertained throughout the run by Kim. She had us laughing the entire time. When we were taking selfies, she mentioned that she would be putting on her “Elvis” face for the picture.. HAHAHA!! Don’t even ask me!! By the way, Kim puts “fuel in her tank” before she runs, by eating breakfast burritos and fried potatoes. Who else can eat like that before they run?!?? Haha! Just leave it up to Kim, lol! – Sevyn