Mentor Guilt

Oct. 13, 2014 – Mentor guilt…it’s a real thing. There are times when work and life take us away from RTS. That’s me this week. We are coming off of this awesome high from the race, and I’m out of… Read More

One Proud Mentor

Oct. 11, 2014 – As a mentor, there are tons of little moments when your heart fills with pride for your youth. Then there are moments when you’re so proud your heart nearly explodes. That was me on Saturday at… Read More

Like Family

Today, we ran 4 miles. It was extremely challenging, and I don’t know why. But, I experienced something really cool with the Dugan’s while we were running. Basically, I asked Brett Dugan to talk about something deep, so that it… Read More

It Was Cold!

This morning we ran six miles. I have three words for you.. IT WAS COLD! And in the third mile, I did get a side cramp, and I started to walk. That was my wall, but once I got over it,… Read More

Let’s Run Two

I literally feel accomplished today. Why?? Because I ran with 5:00 AND 6:00. I ran 6 miles today!! It was awesome! At 5:00 I ran with (mentor) Heather Smith, and (mentees) Alexz Hatter and Shelby Adams. It was great! I felt good! They are so… Read More

Your Heart Will Medal

So this is dialogue between me and Kayla Girard,  before we left for the Mud run Saturday morning..   Kayla: “I’m going to medal.” Sevyn: “I’m not.” Kayla: “Your heart will medal.” LOLOLOL Funny, but true! #heartmedalisthebestmedal I swear people say… Read More

Musings of a Traitor

(Please note that the editor selected the title for this blog entry) Okay, so I have finally come to the point where I don’t miss being in 4:00 anymore. We all know I was all about 4:00, because 4:00 is… Read More


I missed Saturday’s 5-miler.. So, I made it up the following morning with Shelli. I know my runs haven’t been going completely well lately. And there are so many complaints I have about this run. But here’s the deal.. I… Read More

Sevyn Morrow

Running is Life

So, last Saturday RTS received our running shoes, socks and other gear for the season. For RTS to find resources just so we can run as freely and as comfortably as we do, shows the heart of this program and the… Read More

It’s Definitely a Mental Game

I literally feel like crying right now. I just got done running 2 miles. My mentor Shelli wasn’t here today, and I ran terribly. I practically killed myself in the first mile by going too fast.. I am so over… Read More