Season Eleven is in the Books

So, pals, we made it through season 11 of Run the Streets. For me, the half marathon was tough. I had a runners wall for nearly 7 miles. And that’s quite all long time to have a wall.. But I… Read More

Pre-Half Thoughts

The big 13.1 is only a small number of hours away. I’m not scared for the race, or for the fatigue I will experience towards the end of the race. I am afraid to believe that the end of this… Read More

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

As I was running the On Your Mark 5k, it really hit me. Run the Streets is so close to being over with. And I honestly don’t know what my life looks like without it. I’m not joking. I really… Read More

Last Five Miler of Season Eleven

Tonight, we ran 5 miles. I can honestly say it was probably the best weekday 5 mile run ever. (I know this was our only one this season, lol. But still..) I felt good for the most part. And Gary… Read More


I am honored to be on a billboard, representing a great program that changes the lives of teens and even adults. I am extremely grateful for Run the Streets! It has forever altered my life in the best way possible…. Read More

Six O’Clock Blues

This Tuesday we ran 4 miles. Let me remind you.. I am in 6:00, and it’s been getting darker. So, after we stretched, we started running from right where we were, through the parking lot, and onto the pathfinder. Then… Read More

The Hills Are Alive

Two words for you: TULSA RUN.   You all know what I want to say, but will I? Nope. I’m not going to say anything about that five letter word that starts with an h. I’m not going to do… Read More

“Oh, You’re In That Program”

I’m just going to start off by saying that Run the Streets is making an impact in Bartlesville. I have realized over the last few weeks that people around town have come up to me, saying, “Oh, you’re in that… Read More

The Penny War Escalates Into a Check War

I walked into RTS, knowing there was a check from 4:00 in the 6:00 jar.. But seriously.. When were checks allowed? They were only accepted because Bob Williams was the one that did it. When did this become the check… Read More


Ok, so.. The RTS Woolaroc 8k was amazing!! The weather… not so much. But as far as the race, everything was great!! The energy, the atmosphere, the encouragement! A mold was created because people came out to support RTS. It… Read More